Banarasi saree designs
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The Banarasi saree is divided into categories like Tissue, Butidar, Cutwork, Tanchoi, and Jangal. Tissue sarees are woven with golden Zari Brocade to add sheen to the saree. The saree’s borders and pallu are patterned with self-woven paisleys. Butidar sarees are woven with brocade threads silver, silk, and gold. The darker shade of gold compared to the silver threads has earned the brocade patterning the name Ganga-Jumuna.

Cutwork sarees are the less expensive version of Jamdani sarees. They are products of the cutwork technique on plain texture. Leaves, jasmine, creepers, and marigold flowers are popular motifs featured on Cutwork sarees. Tanchoi sarees patterns are woven with colourful weft silk yarns. The decorations on this saree are large motifs of paisleys and the border has criss-cross patterns.

Jangal sarees are woven with colourful silk threads it’s decorated with intricate patterns of Jangala motifs and vegetation that fall along the saree. The luxurious fabric with intricate designs and detailing makes this Banarasi saree ideal for weddings functions that can be found at stylecaret online stores.

Banarasi saree’s fabric varieties

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The Banarasi saree has four main fabric varieties, Georgette, Shattir, Organza with zari and silk, and Katan.

Georgette is a finely woven light fabric that is made of crepe yarn inter-woven with both warp and weft. It is popular in designing salwar kameez outfit designs, Bollywood sarees, and designer sarees.

Shattir fabric is used to produce beautiful contemporary and exclusive Banarasi saree designs.

Organza is a richly woven fabric with the most beautiful Brocade patterns and designs that are made by warp and weft. Gold-coated silver threads are woven around the silk yarns to produce zari brocade.

Katan is a plain fabric that has woven pure silk threads that make pure silk sarees. In the old days, katan saree’s beautiful motifs and patterns were woven using handlooms but nowadays, they are produced using rapid looms and power looms.


India is second to China is silk production. India exports its silk to over 200 countries around the world and the demand is increasing especially in Europe and America. These traditional and stunning Banarasi silk sarees are recognized globally due to the unique patterns and intricate designs made on the sarees. Bollywood celebrities and popular personalities are now wearing Banarasi sarees for weddings, special occasions, or functions. The Banarasi saree is a must-have in the wardrobe.


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