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Interesting Facts

1. Mahabharata did mention about the Banarasi Silks (which was originally written thousands of years ago).
2. Even centuries-old Buddhist texts mentions about Banarasi silks.
3. The current design of Banarasi was the mix up of Persian design and Indian artistic culture.
4. An ideal Banarasi sari consists of about 5600 thread wires.
5. All of those thread wires has to be 45-inches wide (at least).
6. For weaving the warp, artisan creates a 24 to 26 meter base.
7. Three or more than three people must act together consistently to make up an original Banarasi Silk sari.
8. Do you know a single design of Banarasi sari will require hundreds of perforated cards (punch cards) to implement the idea of design?
9. Normally it takes fifteen days to six months to complete a single Banarasi sari.
10. Sometimes it may take even years to implement designs that are more complex.

Dressing: Banarasi saris are being used in highly joyful events for many years. A Banarasi Saree is a favorite among the brides owing to its royal aura.  Moreover, these saris have specific geometric pattern which suit perfectly with the joyous moments and celebrations.

Banarasi Silk Collection

Banarasi Silk Collection by Sabyasachi